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Welcome to the Definitive Network for Illinois
Regarding All Things Related to Medical Marijuana.

 We are here to help you locate compassionate doctors, legal dispensaries, understand list of the definitive maladies that allow usage of medical marijuana by Illinois state law, receive news, updates, research supplies, and more.

The primary intention of this website is to aid and assist those truly in need of way to get relief from serious physical ailments that until now, were only manageable by use (or abuse) of dangerous narcotic pharmaceuticals or a multitude of a combination of other drugs that, in the long run, could be more harmful then helpful.

We would like to personally thank Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Lou Lang (D-Skokie) for understanding the real and proven benefits of medicinal cannabis, and for signing the bill into law even amongst much opposition from those legislators who are still in need of an education of what cannabinoids do for the endocannabinoid system in the human body, and why CBDs truly are a miracle of medicine.

A very special thanks is also deserving to Dan Linn, Director of the Illinois Chapter of NORML (pictured at right), Ali Nagib, Assistant Director, and their relentless* team at the Illinois Chapter of NORML for their lobbying efforts that were so instrumental in bringing the awareness of such an important medical issue to members of the Illinois House and Senate that greatly helped to effect the change.

(Relentless? Hell yes! TEN YEARS of EFFORT! Kudos, Dan!)

All of you at NORML-IL were more influential than you may know.
Thank you.

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Please, get Involved to Make Change - Lobbying Works!

Just a few of the Illinois Chapter of NORML members after a lobby day in March, 2013.

March 2013 - Springfield, IL

The founder of The Illinois Medical Marijuana Network is an active member of the Illinois Chapter of NORML, seen here on the steps of the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield, IL holding a "Support House Bill 30* sign after a long day of lobbying.

Note: This was called House Bill 30 - At the time of Governor Quinn signing the bill into law, it had become House Bill 1.


Medical Marijuana is NOT "Recreational" Marijuana -
It's Medicine That Truly Works Miracles

True "medical marijuana" does NOT get you high.
It heals those who are suffering, that traditional medicines could not.

Its THC percentage (the psycho-active compound  that gets someone "high")
is almost non-existent...
levels well below the level in the hemp oil you can readily buy at a Whole Foods, while  the percentages of the medicinal compounds called cannabinoids, or CBDs, are greatly elevated.

The THC in marijuana is what gets people high -
CBDs in "medical marijuana" do not

Cannabinoids (CBDs) in marijuana are the medicinal compounds that have been proven (in the USA and worldwide!) to stop seizures in epileptic children when ALL other "approved pharmaceuticals with horrific side effect" could not.

It treats PTSD, Parkinsons, Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancers and a host of other ailments, even some cancers, while the "approved pharmaceuticals" only mask the diseases by treating the symptoms. The list of maladies that medical cannabis treats seems endless as worldwide research continues.

The United States even have several patents on it,  knowing the facts. Yes, YOUR United States.... Unfortunately, most politicians are making laws surrounding medical marijuana without the facts.

While different strains of marijuana (cannabis) have different percentages and levels of THC and CBDs, here is an example that we are still trying to get legislators and lawmakers to understand, for the benefit of the children, adults and seniors in THEIR districts that could benefit from it.

The marijuana that gets someone high may have:
12% THC - 4% CBDs

"Medical" marijuana is just the opposite:

.5% THC (half of one percent) - 12% - 17% CBDs

At half of one percent of THC,
it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to get high from it.

The efficacy of medical marijuana has been proven worldwide,
with Israel's medical and science communities leading the research.
(Just one example - 10 diabetic lab rats given CBDs in a controlled study -  ALL TEN NO LONGER HAD DIABETES!)

Need more proof - on humans?
What if it could the lives of children?

It can.  It has.

Click the above logo to go to the
Realm of Caring

Look at the case studies of how one foundation, The Realm of Caring, is leading the way in creating low THC/high CBD strains of cannabis to treat specific disorders has already saved the lives of so many children, and given their families their lives back, a life they truly deserve - one with healthier children.

Yet the people who do the studies and make the laws, don't seem to want to learn the truth, even though they may have children or other family members that could greatly benefit from the non-psychoactive benefits of CBDs.

It's a shame that greed, politics and power have become more important than saving the lives of our own children.

Pictured below is Josh Stanley from Realm of Caring
and Steven M. Bloome,
Founder of the Illinois Medical Marijuana Network